Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling against invasive species

Ultrasoon Anti-Fouling tegen invasive species

The introduction of non-native species into new environments by ships has been identified as a major threat to the world’s oceans. These species come outside of their original habitat due to situations where there is an exchange of people or goods between countries or continents, for example by shipping.

Non-native species are species that are introduced outside of their natural habitat and that can also survive and reproduce here. In many cases, non-native species cannot harm the local ecosystem. However, in some cases non-native species become “invasive” species and have a long-lasting and huge impact on the region. These non-native species cause enormous damage to the biodiversity and natural resources of the earth.

Environmental damage is often irreversible.

Direct and indirect effects are becoming increasingly serious and environmental damage is often irreversible. A multitude of marine species, carried in ballast water from ships or on hulls, can survive and multiply in pest ratios. Shipping therefore contributes to a large extent to this.

The Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system  prevents fouling on boat hulls

To prevent this spread of invasive species, several measures have already been taken. For example, it is already prohibited in some countries to moor if you come from another continent. But one of the main points of the problem is of course the fouling on the hull. The Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system is a preventive system that prevents fouling on (among other things) boat hulls. In addition to the fact that anti-fouling has positive effects for ships themselves (such as fuel savings), it also helps prevent the spread of invasive species.
The Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System from Sonihull consists of a control box and one or more transducers. The transducers are glued to the inside of the ship (e.g. hull). They give an ultrasonic signal and use the hull as a sound box. This high-frequency signal will kill the single-cell bacteria (algae) and in this way prevents further growth on the ship. These single-cell bacteria are the breeding ground for other organisms.

Lamers System Care will be happy to talk to you about how our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system can help you to prevent this growth and spread of invasive species. More information? Feel free to contact us via info@LSCare.nl.