Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

The Ultrasonic Antifouling system of Sonihull is a preventive system that consists of a control box and one or more transducers. The transducers are glued on the inside of the ship (hull) with a 2-component industrial epoxy glue. They give an ultrasonic signal and use the hull as a sound box. This high-frequency signal will kill the single-cell bacteria (algae) and in this way prevents further growth on the ship. These single-cell bacteria are in fact the source of food for other organisms in the water.

Yes, the system can easily be installed by yourself. It is a set where all necessary parts are supplied. There is also an installation manual included in the set.

The system uses 3.6 watts per transducer. It is possible on both 110-240 VAC and 12-24 VDC. If both are connected, the system itself automatically chooses the VAC shore power and when it fails, the system automatically goes to the VDC. If the battery voltage becomes too low, the system automatically switches off to save the battery.

No, you can’t feel or hear the system when it’s on. Ultrasonic is not perceptible to human hearing. What you can hear is the ‘clicking’ of the Ultrasonic transducer, but this is negligible.

The system has no effect on underwater life. The system has too little power to guide the ultrasonic waves through the water. 3.6 watts per transducer is suitable for destroying single-cell bacteria, but too low to affect other organisms.

The system is applicable to steel, aluminium and plastic (polyester), as long as it is a rigid material that can transport sound and doesn’t absorb the sound, like wood.

No, the vessel does not have to be in dry dock. We can install while the vessel is in the water.

No. The Ultrasonic system is a preventive system, which prevents fouling on a clean vessel. The vessel does not have to be clean for the installation itself. However, for the system to work properly, you must start with a clean boat for the best results. The Ultrasonic system does not remove existing fouling, it can only delay the process.

No, traditional antifouling is no longer necessary. However, due to corrosion or osmosis, it is advisable to apply a good coating. We recommend a hard fouling release coating. This coating is much less harmful to the environment than a traditional antifouling. In combination with the Ultrasonic system it is perfect to prevent fouling.