Ecofriendly & Long-Lifetime Antifouling

Environmentally friendly solution to prevent fouling for the long run
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How it works

1. Our Ecofriendly & Long-Lifetime Antifouling Systems produce multiple pulses of ultrasonic energy on a specific area.

2. These pulses are transmitted through the material that the transducer is attached to.

3. This ultrasound makes it impossible for the microorganism to attach itself to the material.

4. In this way it prevents fouling in an environmentally friendly way for the long term.

Without our Antifouling System

what antifouling to use

With our Antifouling System

antifouling and biofilm

Lamers System Care is the official distributor of Sonihull

The world's leading Ecofriendly & Long-Lifetime Antifouling specialist

Highly effective against biofilm, pollution, marine growth on: ship hulls, box coolers, plate coolers, filters, drinking water systems, propellers and bow thrusters.

Highly effective against the growth of biofilm and clogging of liquid-carrying surfaces, such as: pipes, plate heat exchangers, tanks and water pipes.

Advantages of our Antifouling System

Applications Antifouling system

Ecofriendly & Long-Lifetime Antifouling for Marine

Box coolers

Plate coolers




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Lamers System Care B.V. is a independent consultant and distributor for Ecofriendly & Long-Lifetime Antifouling Systems to prevent biofilm and fouling on ships, cooling systems and drinking and water systems.

Our mission: As a specialist in the market, to fully unburden the customer by offering innovative & customized solutions that help build the sustainabillity of the planet.


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