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Lamers System Care is the official distributor of Sonihull

The world’s leading ultrasonic anti-fouling specialist

Highly effective and efficient against biofilm, fouling, marine growth on: hulls, box coolers (LT/HT), plate coolers, strainers, fresh water generators, propellers, bowthrusters

Highly effective and efficient against biofilm and clogging on liquid carrying surfaces like: pipes, plate heat exchangers, tanks, process water liness

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Our Anti-Fouling System have already been successfully used in the following sectors


Make the most of your vessel and enjoy your vessel without being constantly in need of maintenance. Our solutions are sustainable, time and cost-saving.


If there’s one Industry were systems are challenged to maximum level, it is the Maritime Sector.
We know how important de availability of the fleet is.


Production processes need to run as efficient and reliable as possible in the ‘new Economy’. We understand this situation and offer sustainable solutions.


Sustainability and reduction of antibiotics are strategic topics within the Agricultural Sector. We combine these goals and improve your operating income.

Our Anti-Fouling System has many advantages

Applications Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling

Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling for shipping

Box coolers

LT-Coolers Strainers


Fresh Water Generators


Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling for industry

Cooling Towers

Metal Processing

Processing Water

Fresh water



We have a successful partnership with the following companies.

Biological Fouling

What is biological fouling, what are the consequences and what are the challenges?