Smart leak detection: find and fix leaks

SONAPHONE lek detectie

If you work with compressed air, you know it’s anything but free. Even the smallest leaks can add up to high costs. They are often only noticeable when they expand. But how many euros have been blown away in the meantime? “The higher the pressure, the greater the air loss and the unnecessary costs. In outdated compressed air systems, as much as 20% of the total compressed air consumption is lost through leaks. The costs of leakage with a leak of 3mm and a pressure of 7 bar can easily amount to €1,300 per year” (Atlas Copco, 2023).

Do you hear a hissing sound anywhere along the pipework? Then there is a major leak. These leaks waste a lot of compressed air and add up to a serious expense. Can’t hear a hissing sound? That doesn’t mean there aren’t leaks. Most leaks are small and inaudible, so they continue to leak for long periods of time. Does your compressor have to work harder to deliver the same pressure and airflow? Do you notice that compressed air is used while production is stopped? Is the pressure in your compressed air pipeline network dropping? Then there are most certainly multiple small leaks.

The Sonaphone with leak detection set allows you to find the smallest leaks that can be repaired early. With the Asset Management app you program a route so that any service technician can check the inspection points. This way you prevent unnecessary leaks. If there is a leak, it can be repaired immediately. The Sonaphone generates a report with an analysis of the saved costs and/or the costs if you don’t repair the leak. Justifying your investment has never been so easy.

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