Ultrasonic Antifouling for the first large Sailing Cargo Vessel ‘Canopée’

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Antifouling Solutions

Sailing your cargo across the world seems like an outdated concept that we have evolved past decades ago. However, is there a way to combine modern cargo vessels with techniques used in the past? Neptune and Jifmar Guyane set out to find the answer.

The 121 meter cargo vessel called “Canopée” will use four 30 meter high Oceanwings, designed and delivered by AYRO. These will work as four sails, which can be deployed in favorable wind conditions. When the wind is not suitable, they can be retracted to reduce resistance.

In ideal conditions, the Oceanwings from AYRO are expected to increase fuel savings. When the propulsion delivers enough power to maintain cruising speed one or both of its diesel engines will shut down. This will be an innovative solution to harvesting the free and sustainable energy of the elements. The ship is built to deliver Ariane rockets from Europe to French Guyana where it must navigate upriver to reach the Spaceport.

For the cargo vessel Canopée, LSC will install two x SH08 Ultrasonic Antifouling systems to protect the box coolers and sea chests against fouling. LSC strives to seek out partners with an innovative and environmentally friendly mindset and is excited to provide the ultrasonic antifouling system for this groundbreaking project. We wish the Canopée and her crew safe and fouling free sailing!