EU sets aside 20 million Euros for less energy consumption in fishing industry

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Antifouling Solutions

The European Union has recently made 20 million Euros available to promote energy saving in the fishing industry. This grant offers fishermen an unique opportunity to embrace sustainable technolgies and reduce the environmental impact of their activities. One of these technologies is the Ultrasonic Antifouling System.

The purchase of the ultrasonic antifouling system falls under the investments that improve the hydrodynamics. The system uses sound waves, a safe and non-toxic method, to prevent the growth of micro-organisms on the hull, crossovers, filters and more. This results in significant energy savings and contributes to environmental friendliness.

Increased energy efficiency and CO2 reduction

The subisdy aims to encourage fishermen to invest in technologies that reduce energy consumption and limit the impact on the environment. Ultrasonic antifouling fits perfectly in this picture, as it increases the energy efficiancy of vessels by reducing the water resistance. By preventing the growth of micro-organisms, the hull remains clean and smooth, resulting in smoother movement through the water. This in turn leads to lower fuel consumption and reduces the CO2 emissions, thus reducing the environmental footprint of the fishing industry.

Reduction of harmful chemicals

In addition, the ultrasonic antifouling system plays a vital role in reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Traditional antifouling often contains toxic substances which are harmful for the marine ecosystem. By switching to the ultrasonic system, fishermen can avoid these harmful chemicals and take their responsiblity in protecting the oceans.

In short, the ultrasonic antifouling system plays a essential part in the grant for energy saving in the fishing industry. It promotes energy efficiency,reduces the use of harmful chemicals en offers long term costs savings. By investing in these sustainable technologies, fishermen can minimize their ecological footprint, reduce their operational costs and contribute to a sustainable future for the fishing industry.

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Applications can be submitted from 22 August 2023 to 21 November 2023 at the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland. For more information about the subsidy, please refer to the RVO website: