Lamers System Care resonates into new markets

LSC and industrial plant

Lamers System Care B.V. has taken leaps with fouling prevention for industrial plants. New applications from chlorine dispensing frames to mineral build up within pipework are continuously being discovered.

While the maritime industry is becoming more accustomed to the term Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling industrial plants are just learning about the benefits of ultrasonic fouling prevention. Geographic location of the plant affects the method of cooling. Those that are close to the coast primarily use sea water to cool their systems. Luckily LSC is ready to share years of marine growth prevention experience!  

Production piping that displaces raw materials can leave a mineral residue on the inside of the pipe. The mineral residue is called scaling. Scaling forms in layers and if left untreated the diameter of the pipe can be reduced to zero. During this process production output is reduced until it inevitably must be stopped to disassemble and clean the pipework. Microscopic cavitation caused by the Ultrasonic fouling solution reduces the build-up of scaling enabling more flow and more production output. Additionally the cleaning intervals can be extended which reduces the operational costs.

Fresh water from industrial plants to drink water systems can contain bacteria that settle on the inside of pipework to create biofilm. If left untreated this can lead to serious problems for example: microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). MIC causes the interior wall of the pipe to corrode and is often only noticed when it has corroded through to the exterior wall. Failing pipes can lead to unforeseen reparations and dangerous situations. Bacterial build up in pipework displacing water is normal but this needs to be monitored and controlled. Biofilm in drink water systems can lead to injury and in the worst cases legionnaires disease which can even cause death. LSC’s core business was built on preventing biofilm within the maritime industry. While the properties and types of bacteria in salt water differ from fresh water the method of ultrasonic fouling prevention works the same.  

LSC attended their first industry exhibition at Maintenance Gorinchem. This confirmed the demand for sustainable solutions to prevent biofilm and reduce scaling within pipework and coolers. LSC is looking forward to collaborating with the new relationships made and aiding them in reducing operational costs and cleaner pipework.

To find out if the Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system can help resolve your marine growth, scaling or biofilm related problems contact