Is your boat ready for the sailing season?

The cold winter months are almost over. Many boat owners are busy preparing their vessel for the upcoming sailing season. Many boat owners find it difficult to choose from the many anti-fouling methods. The normal, biocidal coating is becoming less and less popular because of its environmentally unfriendly features. Fortunately, nowadays there are sustainable ways to keep your motor, sailing boat or yacht in top condition.

The Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System, in combination with a hard, corrosion-resistant coating, is just as effective as a copper-based Anti-Fouling coating. This has been proven by Milieucentraal, which has set up a test together with Lamers System Care, the HISWA and other anti-fouling suppliers.

A condition for the effective operation of the system is that the ship’s hull must be clean from the start. In addition, the system must be carefully installed to achieve optimal sound transmission. The device consumes only 3.6 Watts per transducer, making it very suitable for recreational boating.

We are pleased with these results and are happy to have cooperated together with Milieucentraal, HISWA and Endures for this test.

Alternatives anti-fouling