Boxcooler protection for LNG bunker vessel

Recently, Lamers System Care installed the Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system on a new LNG bunker vessel. One Sonihull8 has been installed to protect 4 boxcoolers (2 on SB, 2 on PS).
LNG is an abbreviation for Liquid Natural Gas. It is a liquid with an extremely low temperature. The volume of LNG is 600 times smaller than that of natural gas at normal atmospheric pressure. This volume reduction is very large.
LNG is cleaner than diesel, resulting in 95% fewer emissions of particulate matter and 80% fewer emissions of nitrogen oxides. It also has 15% -25% less CO2 emissions. It is therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative for vessels. For this reason more and more vessels are scheduled to switch over to this fuel. LNG bunker vessel ‘FLEXFUELER 001’ from Titan LNG is a floating gas station, which can supply other vessels with LNG fuel.
The Sonihull8 system which is installed on this LNG bunker vessel is preventive, environmentally friendly and required little to no maintenance. The system can be controlled with 110-240 VAC or 22-30 VDC and furthermore has an alarm notification, eight independent transducers and an event log history. The control box registers all occurring errors, so that the crew always is informed about possible faults, as long as the system is not switched off.
Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling on this LNG bunker vessel is a nice combination where sustainability meets sustainability.