Wijnne Barends chooses for sustainability with Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling

Wijnne Barends has chosen for our Sonihull8 Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system to protect two of their vessels. The vessels were built in 2016. During the dry-dock period in 2018, the coolers have been cleaned again and the decision was made to replace the copper anode system with our Sonihull8 system. On both vessels, five transducers were installed on the boxcoolers and three transducers on the seachest to keep the coolers free from biofilm and fouling. Besides boxcoolers and seachests, Lamers System Care also applies Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling systems on hulls, propellers, tanks, pipework and crossovers.
Sonihull8 is a preventive, environmentally friendly system that requires almost no maintenance. The system can be controlled with 220 VAC or 24 VDC and furthermore has an alarm notification, eight independent transducers and an event log history. The control box registers all occurring errors, so that the crew always is informed about possible faults.