Nice collaboration with Bijlsma Wartena and Acta Marine

We are proud to contribute to “the most sustainable workboat in the market” with our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System!

LSC has had a pleasant, professional relationship with both Acta Marine and Bijlsma Wartena for many years. It is therefore extra satisfactory to join forces with the three of us and work on the same project: the COASTAL CROWN, the new multifunctional, ultramodern Multicat.

On this vessel two SH08 systems will be installed to protect the boxcoolers and seachests. Two transducers will be placed per boxcooler and two transducers per seachest. For this installation, it was decided to weld rings instead of gluing.

It is always a pleasure to work with these parties. We are therefore confident that this project will proceed smoothly. We wish the yet to be baptized vessel and her future crew all the best and hope that they can enjoy their clean coolers for a long time!