Lamers System Care presents the Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System – Sonihull

This revolutionair Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System prevents growth, biofilm and algeas to attach to vessels and their related equipment. (box coolers, filters, seachests, strainers, fresh water generators, propellers) Transducers, which are installed in the dry area of the vessel, create an Ultrasonic Sound pulse which destroys one-cellular organisms. At the moment more than 25.000 systems have been installed on vessels all over the world. The system is sustainable and maintenance free. The version Soni8 controls 8 trasnducers, is fully programmable and can be connected to the vessels operating system.

The Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System uses harmless Ultrasonic soundwaves which prevent one-cellular organisms to attach to a vessel and the related equipment. It is sustainable, uses only 3.6 Watts per transducer and is totally environmental friendly. It can save up to 30% of fuel because of the effect that no growth will occur on vessels hulls. As a result, this system can realize a serious impact on the emission reduction challenges the Maritime Industry has to overcome. By applying this system into box cooler systems, there is no need for the use of copper anodes anymore.


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