Biofilm & pollution
in agriculture

Ultrasonic technique for the prevention of biofilm and pollution in storage and pipes.

Keep your storage & pipework free from biofilm and pollution:

Fouling / Scaling / Biological pollution

In agriculture and livestock farming, biological contamination can lead to high maintenance costs and malfunctions.
As a result, chemical pesticides are often used to prevent fouling / biofilm.
The Ultrasonic Antifouling system from Sonihull is a better solution for this, both sustainably and financially.

Water reservoirs

Water inlet

Drinking bowls


Reduction biofilm growth by Sonihull

Extremely effective and effective against biofilm, pollution in agriculture and livestock of liquid-bearing surfaces, such as: pipes, plate heat exchangers, tanks and water pipes.


Due to the installation of the transducer on the pipes, the microbiological flora do not have a chance to adhere to the walls.

Our ultrasonic systems

Soni8 for large installations

Soni8 is extremely suitable for large industrial installations. The transducers can be programmed independently of each other via the high-tech control unit.

Sonihull for small installations

Sonihull Mono and Sonihull Duo are very suitable for small and local installations thanks to the compact construction. They are also easy to install themselves.

Installation Examples

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Antifouling Solutions
Eco Friendly and Sustainable Antifouling Solutions

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Keep your storage & pipes free from biofilm and pollution: