Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System

Fact or Fable?

Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Systems have been in the market for several years now. There is a clear relationship between Ultrasound and the killing of one-cellulair organisms. This has now been scientifically proven. Research has also shown that the frequencies of the Ultrasonic signal between 20 and 60 kHz have the most effect, clearly the 23 kHz being the most important. Obviously, this is highly dependent on what type of bacteria we are dealing with and that is also strongly varying per region and water temperature.

Is Ultrasonic applicable to combat marine fouling?

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of experiments in the market with Ultrasoon which has resulted in skepticism and some form of negativity about Ultrasoon. Some common situations that contributed to this tenor:


To the question ‘Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling – Fact or Fable?’ We can answer unequivocally powerful: Fact! The only real important thing is that certain critical conditions are met. This is very important to be able to use Ultrasonic as a system for the prevention of biofilm and fouling.

The 4 golden Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling rules!

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