Anti-Fouling for
commercial shipping

Our unique combination of
Ultrasonic technology and high-tech coating

Fouling / Marine growth / Biological fouling

In the Maritime sector, the appearance of biological fouling causes serious failures, extensive maintenance and finally tremendous costs. Costs are related to damages, increased fuel consumption (up to 30%!) and risks of overheated engines and generators. Moreover, this can result in dangerous situations when operating in severe circumstances.

Fouling / Marine growth / Biological fouling in practice

Box coolers

Sea water inlet



Our unique combination of 2 systems consists of:

Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling with Sonihull

Highly effective against biofilm, pollution, marine growth on ship hulls, in box coolers, in plate coolers, in filters, in drinking water systems, on propellers and bow thrusters. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and maintenance free. Easy to install.

  • No fouling in box coolers and sea chests
  • No fouling on the hull
  • No fouling on propellers and bow thrusters
  • No growth in (drinking) water systems

Fouling Release Coating

The coating ensures that the water flows smoothly along the surface, making the surface less attractive for biofilm: the coating minimizes the pollution of mucus, algae, fouling and organisms without the use of toxic copper oxides and / or biocides.

  • No fouling on the hull
  • Amplifies Ultrasonic
  • Less friction
  • Less maintenance

Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling with Sonihull

The principle of the Ultrasonic system is decennia old and finds it applications, in for example the medical world to kill certain one cellular organism (bacteria). Next to that the US Navy discovered that their submarines had bio growth on the hulls but not on the area close to the sonar installation. This phenomenon was closely investigated and it came clear that there was an interesting relation between the Ultrasonic sound waves and one-cellular organisms.

Unfortunately there were a lot of experimental initiatives with the phenomenon Ultrasonic Anti-fouling which caused significant negative rumours in the market. For our system the unique recipe is the combination between the “low power” consuming transducers and the intelligent software, which results in the transducers to be directed highly focussed and controlled.

Already installed Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling systems by Sonihull
More than 25,000 installations worldwide

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Less maintenance due to our unique system

Fouling release coating met Oceanspeed Pro

The technology of NT 2019 combines in one single product the best of three traditional types of underwater hull coatings, without the need for toxic materials such as Cuprous oxides and biocides. The film coating allows the water to flow smoothly over the surface, making the surface less attractive for biofilm: the coating minimizes fouling from slime, algae, grass and organisms without the use of toxic cuprous oxides and or any biocides.

The smart siloxane fluororate hybrid coating forms a flexible yet tough and long-lasting film, which can excellently withstand abrasion and impacts with fenders, tugs and ice.
Thanks to the film’s very low coefficient of friction, it can help reduce fuel consumption and improve the speed: the average hull roughness is in fact significantly lower than other types of underwater coatings.


  • Environmentally safe, not toxic (it does not contain poison)
  • V.O.C. FREE emissions (volatile organic compounds)
  • Extremely hard film, highly resistant to damage and wear.
  • Low coefficient of friction = better speeds and fuel efficiency
  • Equal to or less expensive than Conventional toxic SPC’s and Ablative paints


  • Inferior dry-docking time and costs
  • Lighter than conventional anti-fouling coating systems
  • Easy and fast to apply.
  • Can be used in salt and sweet Waters.
  • Easy to Clean.

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Reduced costs of ownership